This blog is a part of the European Doctorate in Teacher Education (EDiTE) programme, a four-year project supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. This project takes place over a period of four years (October 2015 – September 2019). Under the project, twenty-three researchers from thirteen countries (Bhutan, Brazil, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Nepal, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Syria, USA) work closely with each other and pursue individual research projects in the overall theme of the programme: Transformative Teacher Learning for Better Student Learning within an Emerging European Context. This theme draws on the deep interdependence of educational research and practice. Therefore, over the course of the project, the EDiTE community envisions growing into a leading European network for innovation in teacher education, accessible to academics, practitioners and policy makers.

This blog is an effort, initiated by EDiTE reseachers, to discuss topics related to the theme of the programme, to share lessons learned from our own research and experiences as well as on-going events in our home or host countries.

This blog represents the researchers’ attempt to establish a public space and foster debate involving a wide audience. We, as part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, feel responsible to engage with and critically reflect on the current social-political-economic dynamics. This is one way we would like to return to the citizens, who made it possible for us to participate in a prestigious programme, and repay them with our public work.

This blog is a matter of politics and free speech. While we’d certainly like to stay on the topic of issues related to education, there is a wide spectrum of possibilities. It’s no secret this is tumultuous time politically around the world and we certainly wouldn’t want to limit anyone’s ability to take a stand with certain issues.

However, we are funded by a governmental institution and as such there are certain issues to consider. First, like with any social media effort, steps will be made to talk with our Supervisory Board that everything would be on the up and up and the program wouldn’t be in jeopardy or reflected on poorly because of a blog. Second, it would be made explicitly clear that any and all viewpoints are that of the individual and not necessarily reflective of EDiTE as whole.

In line with this, we hope to get myriad viewpoints. If someone writes piece with which you disagree for any reason, by all means write a response.